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The new roles are here! Here are all the roles:

Administrators: These users ensure that the community is running smoothly.

Global Moderators: These users help moderate the community, make members feel welcome, and help generate content.

Twitch Moderators: These are the users who help moderate MeowsePad's Twitch stream.

Super Kitties: This is the "VIP" group. In order to be considered for membership, three users must nominate you in this thread. There will then be a community vote on whether or not to admit you to the group.

Twitch Subscribers: Subscribers to MeowsePad's Twitch stream will get membership to this group.

Lewdieland: This grants membership to the NSFW section of the forum. To obtain access, PM MeowsePad on the forum or DM him on Discord. You must be 18+ to join.
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Re: Roles

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These are nice new roles! :D

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