Best Sega CD/Mega CD games?

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Re: Best Sega CD/Mega CD games?

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Ravenfreak wrote:
3 months ago
Speaking of HDMI, last weekend I bought the Hyperkin HDMI cord for the Sega Genesis and it looks amazing! The MegaSG is indeed expensive, but is a very awesome piece of hardware because many Sega CD consoles tend to develop issues throughout the years. Capacitor issues, and with the Model 1 disc tray issues appear quite often. It's a shame it doesn't have 32x support yet, I'm assuming not too many people have made 32X support a priority since there isn't too many games and it did worse than the Sega CD. I wonder if my Sega CD is okay... I haven't played it in years. Oh yeah and Final Fight for the Sega CD I heard is good too.
Quite a lot of MCD games were remakes of existing MD games which added either extra FMV or Red Book audio. Depending on how you feel about the original OSTs this can basically sway you with the latter, I guess.

There’s always the option too to listen to the game’s Red Book audio tracks in a CD player, haha. Some PS1 games (especially early titles) let you do that due to storing the audio tracks as CD-DA audio rather than XA too, just like the MCD :)

Side note for reference: The correct way to write the term is “Red Book”, not “Redbook”. Given it’s in a series of “Rainbow Books” which was basically a set of optical disc standards created over the years (SA-CD, CD-i, UDF...) well yeah.
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