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Re: Minecraft!

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I just started playing MInecraft not too long ago. My friends who my wife and I play D&D with wanted us to play on their server, so they ended up getting us a copy for the Xbox One for Christmas. We didn't play much at first, but then about a month ago we really got into the game. We can't seem to figure out how to join their server on the Xbox One version, so my wife ended up making a world for her and I to work on together. We have six cats, six or seven rainbow sheep, three horses, a mule, and a donkey. I've been kind of wanting to make a rollercoaster out of rails outside our house... xD Though it sucks that in order for me to play in her world, I have to have her log in as player 1 first... >_> I have my own world, but I haven't done much with it at all... We also have a cactus growing outside our house, because we couldn't find a desert with cacti in our world. :S We typically play on peaceful, so we can get stuff done without worrying about getting attacked by mobs or starving.

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Re: Minecraft!

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But dying and starving is the fun part
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